25 MW Solar & Biomass Hybrid Power Plant Project, Navarra, Spain

NEE provided a Conceptual Design for Solar & Biomass Hybrid Power Plant Project anticipated to be implemented in province of Navarra, Spain. That facility that comprises one Biomass Combustion Thermal Power Generation Unit and adjacent Solar Trough Assemblies Array and solar steam generation heat exchangers train shall produce renewable electricity round o'clock.

The configuration of plant systems will allow as a joint hybrid operation of biomass and solar systems as well as an independent operation of each heat generation system to generate steam and consequently adequate electricity from either unit.

The design capacity is 15 MW of electricity when operating in either single mode while the design capacity will be 25 MW when operating in Hybrid Mode.

Simplified Overall Process Flow Sketch:

Tudela biomass 01

Simplified Plant Layout

Tudela biomass 02